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How to Get Thicker Hair Naturally

Getting Thicker Hair Naturally

Hair loss is an issue which is common not only in guys, but also in girls. Seeing your hair thinning daily is extremely frustrating, as most folks consider their hair as an advantage that improves their general look. What causes hair thinning or hair thinning cannot be credited to only one variable, instead there are many variables that can cause this issue. Among the most frequent reason that results in lack of hair in individuals is heredity.

Even exposure of hair to pollution, dust, compounds, etc., can lead to hair loss and thinning hair. An unhealthy diet as well as pressure also leads to the issue of baldness. In the quest to get thick and lustrous hair, individuals try out different hair treatments which are touted to make hair thick. But these treatments can be on the pricey side and the results mightn't live up to one's anticipations. Therefore, it is best to find natural methods for getting thicker hair.

Natural Methods to Get Thicker Hair

Oil Massage

Massaging your scalp consistently with pure coconut oil is among the most effective strategies to get thicker hair naturally. But only using coconut oil directly from a bottle isn't likely to give you any results. You should heat the coconut oil and apply this warm oil on the scalp by transferring your fingers in light circular motion. Besides coconut oil, it is also possible to use another oil like olive oil, jojoba oil and pure almond oil. Following this process one or more times weekly, helps in stimulating hair roots, which encourages hair growth and makes hair thick and lustrous.

Most times, hair isn't hydrated and this results in dry hair. This will ultimately result in hair autumn, making hair thin and lanky. Therefore , you should moisturize your tresses with a hydrating hair mask. Although there are many hair masks accessible the marketplace, it's a good idea that you use a home made mask. The finest natural mask is an avocado hair mask. To create this mask, you must mash half a ripe avocado with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil until you've got a heavy paste with no balls. For those who have wilted or flat hair, then do not apply this mask on hair roots. Rinse hair completely and state as usual.

Hair Washing Care

Shampooing your hair frequently is significant, but excessive shampooing will make hair dry and strip it off wetness. Washing your hair regular can allow it to be rough, lackluster and more prone to split ends. Shampooing your hair twice a week is adequate to cleanse your hair and scalp. Also, avoid washing your hair with hot water and choose lukewarm water instead. Hot water can cause damage to your own hair and make your fibrils dry, rough and fragile. Those who have greasy hair often wash their hair everyday, to remove excessive greasiness. For those who have greasy hair, then the most suitable choice would be to use a light shampoo to wash your hair. A light shampoo will help in washing away the greasiness without causing an excessive amount of damage to your own hair.

 You should prevent this, as this may cause hair breakage along with knots and tangles.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Most shampoos contain dangerous substances that may make hair dry, rough and more prone to breakage. These substances can strip off moisture from hair, making it dull and fragile. Most shampoos include sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), which can be designed to remove oil and filth; but in the procedure it causes damage to the hair roots. It's possible for you to choose a herbal or organic shampoo instead, which will not contain any harsh chemicals. Instead, you could also use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, that will give your hair body and volume.

It is becoming a tendency among individuals to experiment with their appearances by curling, straightening and coloring their hair. Nevertheless, specialists say when you would like to have healthy and thick hair, you should restrict using heat styling products. Using hair styling tools frequently, can damage hair cuticles, resulting in rough, lackluster hair. Worse, it can weaken the hair roots that may cause baldness.

Healthful Diet

Much like our body wants great food to remain healthy, even our hair needs a great supply of minerals and vitamins to develop longer and thicker. Therefore, it is necessary to follow an eating plan that's wholesome and well balanced. You also need to drink adequate quantity of water to keep your body hydrated.

Other Suggestions for Thicker Hair

The kind of comb you use will really make a difference to the quality of your hair. Thus, instead of combs which have teeth which are set close, you should use wide toothed combs made from wood or bone.

Thick and shiny hair is one thing that any girl desires. By following an effective hair-care regimen, it is possible to have healthy, soft and thick hair. 

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