Thursday, July 24, 2014

Black Womens Natural Hair Movement Gaining Media Attention

Black Women's Natural Hair Movement Gaining Media Focus

But what are the variables driving us to natural hair?

With natural hair tools like the Huetiful Hair Steamer, ceramic flat irons, produced bristle brushes and wooden broad-tooth combs available these days at any local beauty supply shop, the alternatives are really endless!


Lets face it, our lives are active and pricey. An increasing number of girls are learning that they've saved numerous dollars a month (to not mention many, many hours a week) just by changing to an simple to preserve natural hair style. With fewer trips to the salon (and oftentimes, no visits in any way!), transitioning to natural hair is proving to be a intelligent, price-conscious selection during rough economic times.

Religious Motives

You may make the huge switch to relaxer-free hair so that you can reach a special hair style, but quite few natural people would say that going natural hasn't changed them spiritually on some degree. We're frequently so determined by high-priced hair-care products the transition to natural hair can be difficult and overwhelming in the early days, particularly with all the approaches about natural hair that have been lifted with as kids. And of course, walking past the salon with your cash in your pocket is so quite rewarding!

Societal and Political Motives

The spiritual transformation occurring during the natural hair shift are so strong because having natural hair links individuals to your community a community of other curly heads and a bit of our African heritage and tradition.

Ecofriendly motives

As you start to find out about the hazardous substances found in hair relaxers that we put on our heads, you'll eventually reach the decision that all the compounds are:

Made someplace.

Go someplace after being washed from the tresses.

The development and disposal of dangerous hair products is a huge problem, since conventional hair-care substances arent biodegradable. Actually take a minute to think about it. How much lye, peroxide, ammonia, butane, and other substances have you ever rinsed down the drain in your life? Having the ability to use all-natural, biodegradable, green products are definitely a leading factor in your decision to transition to natural hair.

Whatever your basis for making the substitution, understand which you made the correct selection! There are several favorable aspects to growing and preserving natural hair, there aren't any erroneous reasons for making the swap!

Natural Hair Systems - Learn At Home Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair Systems - Learn At Home Natural Hair Care
Find out how to Maintain, Fashion, Colour as well as Transition to Natural Hair!

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