Saturday, July 26, 2014

Homemade Leavein Conditioner

Homemade Leave in Conditioner

Conditioners are thought to be the finest hair products to retain the moisture and luster of the hair. They're like a protective layer which helps the hair to stay glossy and supple. Besides this, they provide nourishment and strength to every single strand of hair. It's possible for you to get several hair conditioners in the marketplace which ensure astonishing results, but most of the products contain dangerous substances that may degrade your hair quality with time. Hence, to avoid this, homemade leave in conditioners are the most suitable choice. You only have to get the expected ingredients and it is possible to make this conditioner at home immediately.

- Glycerin
- Aloe vera
- Vitamin E pills

Take a moderate-sized bottle and fill it ?rd with glycerin. Pull the gel from 5 - 6 aloe vera leaves and increase the bottle. Cut 2 vitamin E pills and pour them into the bottle also. Now, fill the remaining part of the bottle with rose water or distilled water. Combine it correctly and after that use as required. It's possible for you to keep this mixture in the fridge also. If you need to wash it, then rinse it away with plain water after about an hour or so.

- Oil
- Egg
- Bowl

Take a bowl and set 2 eggs inside. Whip the eggs correctly and after that add 4 teaspoons of olive oil. If you have thick hair, you then can prepare more conditioner in exactly the same ratio. Combine this solution correctly and after that apply it to your own hair. Do not forget to use it on the ends of the hair as well. Then wash it correctly using plain water. It's among the greatest conditioners for African American hair. It's going to make your hair look shiny and healthy.


Add the rest of the ingredients and blend it correctly. It's possible for you to apply this mixture after washing your hair. Apply this paste evenly, particularly on the points of the hair. Remove the shower cap and wash the hair correctly with plain water. This conditioner is quite successful on dry hair.
Spray this liquid every time after a hair wash and allow hair dry. This can be among the simplest homemade hair conditioners. It'll not only make your hair look great, but may also help in its healthy development. 

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